6 Reasons for choosing a wall mounted toilet ft grohe wall hung toilets at xTWOstore

6 Reasons for choosing a wall mounted toilet ft grohe wall hung toilets at xTWOstore


A wall mounted toilet has its tank built into the wall and a toilet bowl that is fastened directly to the wall. As a result, wall-hung toilets are comparatively more compact. In addition, the operating components of a wall mounted toilet are covered, placing the tank behind a wall and giving a more contemporary appearance to your bathroom space. 

It is easier to plan a wall hung toilet in new construction than a renovation project, as this would require you to open the wall and reroute the water pipes. In new construction, you can pre-plan the technicalities, and the contractors can install the parts into the wall before your bathroom is completed. 

Installation of a toilet wall hung is also possible in a renovation project, but you must understand the wall studs. Wall studs are elements between which you're the tank of a wall hung toilet is placed within the wall.


GROHE toilets are easy to clean:

Wall hung toilets can be cleaned more quickly because there isn't an exposed toilet trapway like your traditional toilets. Trapways can release unpleasant odour, which is a minus to your new home. Installing a GROHE wall mounted toilet in your home can help prevent these unpleasant odours and potentially hazardous obstructions. Mainly, if you intend to sell your house in the future, the position of your GROHE wall hung toilet will be an advantage. A floating toilet will give a modern look to the buyer. Toilets wall hung are the best way to sell your tidy and spotless bathroom. 

A Floating toilet is an economical option:

Wall hung toilets are significantly less expensive than other designs, even though they need trained installation. By selecting a GROHE wall mounted toilet design, you can cut your bathroom renovating expenses by almost 50 per cent, including installation. Therefore, the wall hung toilets are the best option while you are on a budget. 

A space saving technology:

One of the most significant advantages of the wall mounted toilets over regular toilets is that they take up zero floor space. Floating toilets are a good option for bathrooms of all sizes, shapes and configurations. Especially for bathrooms with limited space, GROHE wall mounted toilets are a great option. The floating toilet gives you additional room below for storing other toiletries, giving you an overall compact and modern look. 

Save water with GROHE wall mounted toilets:  

In a world where sustainability is the need of the hour, selecting new toilets built to save water adds to the global cause. A GROHE toilet wall hung is more efficient than its other models in terms of saving water. It consumes approximately 2 gallons of water per flush, while regular toilets can consume up to 7 gallons per flush. 

GROHE toilets are a germ-free option:

Toilets wall-hung are manufactured to hang from the wall, therefore leaving ample space between the GROHE toilet and the floor. This feature eliminates hand contact with toilet handles, which are usually spaces where germs can breed. If you are someone who likes to keep your surroundings clean and would like to reduce the risk of contracting germs, wall hung toilets are the best option.  

Modern designs with flexibility:

Wall hung toilets promise both style and utility. The clean and modern look wall mounted toilets give your personal bathroom space is nearly unmatchable to the rest. A GROHE toilet wall hung is simple to use, children-friendly, and a perfect option for the elderly at home. In addition, Wall hung toilets are a practical option for those with stability concerns, as these floating toilets can be an easier option to sit down on than traditional toilets.

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